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Rapidandroid Latest Build

A little low tech method of linking and sharing the latest build for testing on a real phone without need for getting all setup with eclipse.

Note, these demo builds currently will attempt to access your inbox to delete threads from your inbox to prevent inbox clutter. This is part of the original design assumption that this phone will act as a standalone SMS gateway sitting in a room somewhere. The current build on the android marketplace has this feature turned off.

2/10/2009 Build 135 **DEMO** changeset:135

  • Re-enabled ACK response on successful parsing of messages
  • Removed helper menus on FormReviewer? (generate data and upload)
  • Improved screen orientation change tolerance
  • Added simple icon!
  • Added settings screen off dashboard for global message parse ACK replies (successful, unsuccessful)
Build 135 Demo

2/9/2009 Build 129 changeset:129

  • Added switcher button for graph/summary view. This does not requery the database. A radiobutton push is necessary. Default view is now the table view on startup.
  • Added new column for receive_time in the message table to differentiate carrier receive timestamp and actual phone receive timestamp
  • Db upgrade logic included to upgrade existing databases
  • Refactored and renamed some fieldtypes for easier display on the screen for create and review. App supports both iterations of fieldtypes currently.
  • Removed some major inefficiencies in form parsing and processing logic
  • Graphing performance increased as well with caching of date parsing logic
Build 129

2/5/09 Build 115 changeset:115

  • Fixed dashboard to have 3 radios for message selection criteria
  • made main message view a lot faster with a more expansive single query
  • list items in the create and add are more legible and more organized
  • got rid of the daterange menu
  • whole host of graph fixes. refactored graphing library, screen orientation fixes as well as zero injections for line graphs to look nicer.
Build 115

2/4/09 Build 105 changeset:105, changeset:104, changeset:103, changeset:102, changeset:101 etc, etc.

  • Fixed Some screen orientation bugs
  • Text input overflow fixes
  • Simple date x values in the graphs for some fields
  • For more info, see the changesets for the results.
Build 105

2/3/09 changeset:99, changeset:98, changeset:97

Install Process

  • Enable unisgned apps to run on your phone.
    • Go to Settings->Applications and make sure Unknown sources is checked True
  • You'll need to point your android browser to a location that can link to the APK file.
  • A direct download of the APK file should have it prompt you for a download.

Handy Link:

Build 99