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RapidAndroid: RapidSMS for the Android platform

This is a joint collaboration with  Unicef Innovation and Dimagi developing a port of RapidSMS onto the Android platform to provide a integrated, portable gateway for SMS based data collection.

From  Unicef Innovation's RapidSMS page:

One of the biggest challenges facing UNICEF's field operations is access to accurate and timely information. With the recent proliferation of technology throughout the developing world, the ability to improve this access has become cheaper and the tools to do so, ubiquitous. Mobile phones have spread the fastest and farthest of all these technologies with the GSMA predicting that by 2010, 90% of the world will be covered by mobile networks. RapidSMS capitalizes on this change by integrating the instantaneous information transfer that mobile phones allow into established methods of UNICEF's work.

Get the source!

Rapidandroid's source  is now available at github under the  APL

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